We were often told in our childhood that,"Don't talk to strangers, don't accept anything what they may offer you" and the list goes so on. But after growing up we realized that interaction and communication with people is very important to know what's going in the outside world. And this is the time we must wake up from our fairytale and get ready to dive in the real world.

And COUCHSURFING can be the key to it.Now you must be wondering what is this about. So, let me tell you this is one of the way to stay at any hosts place who is willing to offer you some place in their property for a homestay and that too for FREE. As it is the rule of CS to give your place for free so there are some basic manners to carry a gift as a token of thanks for the hosts by the tenant and grab some offers for your next stay.

Some things that are best about CS is that you get to know about the culture of the people living helping us in making some long life friends. On the other hand, it is budget friendly.

And as it is said that "OUR SAFETY IS IN OUR HANDS",there are some things that you should always have a check on and if you are travelling then it is expected from you to have utmost information about your hosts and your information must always be shared with them for a peaceful stay.

Some points that every girl traveler should keep in mind are as below:

-Should have a check on the number of family members of that of the host.
-Should find out details about them.
-Should find out details about the neighborhood also.
-Should always carry some safety valuables with them.
-Should always inform more than one person about their stay.
So, BREATHE...TRAVEL...LIVE. And BE SAFE. Stay tuned for more such content. See you later peeps.