So, here’s another element that has been added to your favourite hostel, “MOVIE NIGHT”, that is going to be organised twice a month on weekends. What are we getting from organising such activities? How they are beneficial to us? So, let us tell you one thing we conduct all these activities for you guys only thinking that you all can interact with each other and make new friends.

Weekends are those days of the week on which we can have fun and chill with our mates. And this can be one of your plans to just sit and watch movies with your friends .We also give choices to our girls to select the movie they wish to watch and also the freedom is given to watch the movie all night long.

What is the main aim behind this? That is to refresh your mind in such a way so that you can have a sound sleep after this amazing night. Many girls join us with full enthusiasm by sharing their thoughts and ideas on how these movie nights can be made more fun and successful. Their suggestions and feedbacks gives us an opportunity to explore new things and make it more better in every way possible.

Youthville always aims at making your living experience unforgettable and keep on coming up with new ideas. So, stay in touch for more such ideas and contents. See you peeps.