10 Things You Must Look For in a Hostel

Good hostels are hard to come by as hostelling is more about people and the hospitality they provide to make you feel home. We have listed down the top 9 things you must consider before booking a hostel.

1. Cheaper is not Better

2. No curfew

As a student or a budget traveler you might have a natural inclination towards cheapest options around. In case of hostel-rooms however it is not the best choice to go with. The cheap hostels might land you in a bed with bugs, thin pillows, dirty showers and over all uncomfortable experience. Might as well shell out some more money, you are going to thank yourself for.

Certainly not each hostel has its own café/restaurant or a hangout. You would want to go out and need a flexibility to come at a late hour. Make sure the hostel has a flexibility of 24/7 in and out timing to not leave you locked out.

3. Meal option

Girls hostel in Pune often include a meal option, but this is a necessity which one ca not go without no matter which gender they belong to. A lot of Pune Pg accommodation for female like Youthville Hostel provides hospitality and meal options of 5 star hotel aspect.

4. Check-out Later

A hostel which provides flexible check out hours is always preferable as sleep is valuable for travelers as they will rarely get enough of it. Hostels with late checkout times understand this and have chiller conditions.

5. Lockers/Cupboards

Varying from the requirements for each individual hostels provide enough space to keep your luggage or sometimes a small cabinet to lock your passport and other identification documentations that you carried with you. It’d ok to lose your dirty laundry once but definitely not to lose your passport while you’re stuck waiting for the embassy to reissue you one.

6. Security

Make sure to do a good research about the hostel before booking it and find out the reviews people have given online to know if the hostel is secure enough to stay or not. Does the hostel have security guards, especially during the nights? What are the other security measures being taken care of by the hostel? For girls hostel in Pune with strict security check out www.youthvillehostel.combr>

7. Free Internet

Access to Wi-Fi with good speed is a necessity. It is usually included in the fee itself.

8. Common Area

9. Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff

A hostel feels warmer where the hostel staff welcomes you like a long lost family member. Even a dirty or regular hostel gives a feeling of good environment the one with good people in it. A Good Hostel must have a ready-to-attend-to-you friendly staff with knowledge of in and around the hostel like routes, major attractions, facilities and shops around etc.

10. Kitchennette

Not all of us want to spend heavy on food, while some of us prefer cooking our food as per our liking. Having a kitchenette in a youth hostel is a must these days.Click here for top girls hostel in Pune pg accommodation for femaleBACK TO BLOGS

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