Life Lessons from Hostel

According to Statistica, there are around 46 thousand hostels in India. They offer comfortable accommodation and a chance at living the independent life each young adult aspires to experience. But, hostel life goes beyond a convenient accommodation solution in a person’s life. 

The value of Maggi at midnight, how to borrow class notes or the ability to sleep on a chair, and an endless list of other amusing but crucial lessons. Hostel life teaches a great deal more. Hostel living is similar to a machine that moulds and transforms you. you enter as one person and exit as a completely another person. The experiences you have living independently work as a catalyst for your adult life and change your perspective, one might even say – help you grow up and experience the “real world”. It offers you invaluable life skills that, when applied correctly, can result in tremendous success.  

Today, we will cover five of the numerous life lessons that hostel life offers us with such grace.

The Ability to Coexist with Others

Adjustment should be ingrained in you because life is so unpredictable. However, where is the best place to learn it? Indeed, it is dormitory life that provides the groundwork for future adjustment. It forces individuals to confront adjustment for the first time in their life. If your roommate is a night owl, you learn to sleep with the lights on.  Whether you’re in a four-person or a twenty-person room, you’ll always have to share your space with others. You learn to let go of tight personal space boundaries and become more at ease with having others constantly around you, and you also become less self-conscious about performing tasks in front of others just because you have to.


While many people in a hostel will surround you, you will ultimately have to confront life on your own as an independent human. This is the type of optimistic mentality that hostel life instils in you, and believe us when we say that once you’ve acquired it, you’re well on your way to success. In a hostel, you get to live life on your terms; you do everything yourself, whether it’s a primary duty like laundry or a big one like career planning. Being self-sufficient is critical, and living as an autonomous individual in a hostel teaches you this critical life lesson.


You are free to explore a variety of fields in which you have never ventured before, in a new location with unfamiliar people. You get to take advantage of several open doors that you would not be able to take if you stayed at home. When you leave your house to live in a hostel, you learn many new things, including meeting new friends, adjusting to a new environment, completing tasks independently, taking the initiative, and living with independence. These are opportunities that you must encash. 

Time Management 

With independence comes great responsibility! Regardless of whether you excel at everything else, time management is a skill you will pick up when staying in a hostel. You learn to manage your time for studying through the gossip sessions and other essential activities in a dormitory. You also learn the importance of scheduling things. Once your routine is fixed, your stay is enjoyable. 

Lifelong Connections 

While staying at hostels, you truly meet the most wonderful individuals. You will encounter people who are ready to help you in any situation. One starts with forming bonds with strangers who soon become best friends, and roommates and transform into a family. Share friendships that last a lifetime! 

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