Pg vs. Hostel | What is better for girls?

Students who come to cities to study face a tough situation. Where should you stay in a big city? Dealing with landlords and flat brokers is just the beginning of the difficulties. Read on to know if you should opt for a Pg or hostel.

It is always difficult to shift to a new city. Especially for girls, it becomes more difficult since they have checklists for the perfect place. Hygiene, good food, and security are essential. A good location with positive vibes will prove extremely helpful for the girls. PG vs. hostel for girls, what do you think might be better? Let’s find out in this blog.

What is a PG?

A PG, or paying guest, is an accommodation in which you pay rent at someone else’s property. Most PGs in your area provide a single room attached to a property. Furthermore, it is entirely up to the property owner whether you must pay separately for amenities such as electricity, water, and housekeeping, among others, or if you can get them all for free. Some may even include free food with your plan.

Finding a PG near you is also simple. One can easily search for PG accommodations near commercial hubs or colleges/universities. Individuals who want a personal space but do not want to pay the high rent prices of flats and apartments should consider this type of accommodation. We hope you are clear with what is pg.

Key factors of a PG 


A PG, like a hostel, has several amenities. The landlord, who also lives in the same flat, provides basic amenities. One room is set aside for a student to live in. The landlord offers meals and laundry.

A comfortable setting

Because most PGs are run by families who accommodate students, they have a homey feel. Many students are drawn to this because they want a smooth transition after leaving home. Though it does not provide the same level of privacy as rented apartments, it is much more suitable for people who do not want to live in a familial environment. PG vs. hostel for girls is a tough choice if the pg offers a convenient and homely atmosphere.


In terms of cost, PGs are less expensive than rented apartments. Most PGs cost between INR 10,000 and INR 12,000 per month. It also includes additional charges for electricity.


Aside from a living space, you usually get home-cooked meals and other amenities like filtered drinking water, air conditioning, a refrigerator, 24/7 security, and a common hall. Girls are generally attached to their families, so home-cooked meals sound the best option. In this way, they will miss their family a little less. When you think about Pg vs. hostel for girls, food does matter a lot.

What is a hostel

The hostel is one of the most cost-effective types of lodging. Individuals share all standard amenities such as the hall, kitchen, and common room with others who live on the property.

Most hostel owners include other amenities, such as cleaning and food, as part of the package. As many others live in the same hood, the accommodation has several restrictions, including entry and exit timings and no loud music.

The accommodations suit college students and government job seekers on a tight budget.

Key factors of a Hostel

The girls’ hostel in Vimal Nagar, Pune, is the best for living in hostel accommodation. The palace is full of students and workplaces. It will be easy to find a place near your office or college. Here are the critical factors for a hostel that will help you decide between pg vs. hostel for girls.

A thriving community

A hostel is popular due to the large number of students who live in one building. Some students prefer to be a part of a more communal environment where they can feel at ease after leaving home.

Making friends and learning to live and adjust with people from various walks of life are all part of the fun of college life. Living with a roommate teaches students many life lessons they would not have learned at home.

A student is rarely alone in a hostel. Their friends or roommates become extended family members away from home.


The amenities provided by hostels are also essential considerations. Apart from looking after their belongings, hostel students avoid dealing with landlords and flat brokers. The hostel remains the ideal environment for students to transition from living with their parents for eighteen years to living in a hostel with basic facilities.


Food is a significant concern for students and their parents while away from home. Because most students are used to having food at home, leaving everything behind confuses and frightens many.

Most hostels have mess halls where students can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Evening snack hours are standard in some places.

Many private colleges and universities have begun to incorporate a variety of messes serving various cuisines. Aside from messes for vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods, there are also North Indian and South Indian messes. This added benefit is a huge help for students struggling to adjust to a life away from home.

Social Activities

A hostel is more than just a collection of rooms, beds, and tables. The students who live in it give it life. Living in a communal setting teaches students many values they would not have learned otherwise.

Hostel fees differ from one another. A typical annual fee for a room is around 70-80k. Private universities typically charge higher tuition than government colleges but provide many more amenities. Many hostels nowadays have separate AC rooms. Students can select from rooms, including two-bed, three-bed, and four-bed rooms. The cost of each room differs.

What will be your deciding factors for pg vs. hostel for girls?


A PG stay provides more privacy than a hostel stay because you have your room. It allows you to study, work, and concentrate more effectively than in a hostel room. Noise, play, and chit chats are constant in hostel rooms.

The price

Hostel stays are significantly less expensive than PG accommodations (considering most of the hostel room occupants are students).

The safety

Because you share a room with other people in a hostel, there is a chance that your belongings will be misplaced. On the other hand, a PG stay allows you to keep your valuables and personal belongings safe (in your room).

The decision

Because both hostel and PG accommodations are available for the ‘space seeker’ to stay for a set period (months/years), choose the one that is most convenient for you.

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