What is the Difference Between Life in a Hostel and in a PG / Flat?

Students from different parts of the globe travel to amazing cities of India for educational purposes and for jobs. These young aspiring professionals have to find out the best accommodation for themselves to adjust to the new city.

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It is a tough task to find comfortable accommodation according to our budget and needs. Every city has different offerings, one has to deal with tons of hassles to fit in the new surrounding. Right from navigation to regional lingo its all a roller coaster. But at the end of the day, you have to make a decision that suits your living choices.

Ample options are available for the students to live, but the most common debate which every student has with their minds and parents is whether to live in a hostel or in a rented flat? This debate is too prolonged as both the livings have their own sides. To help you ease this decision process we have listed crisp facts about hostel life and flat life for you.

Life In PG / Rented Flat

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Everyone thinks that living in a flat is like owning our freedom and being carefree. That’s always not the case in every society, as they have their own rules. Living in a flat/apartment comes with a combination of perks and inconveniences

  • You have to deal with flat brokers, landlords, agreements, paying bills, and whatnot. As a student, it might get tough and challenging to look after so many things.
  • Initially, you will love to decorate your amazing space with furniture and home decors but once your tenure is over its difficult to transport or wind up the place.
  • You won’t find much time to do all the cleaning and cooking for yourself daily. You will end up hiring a maid to do the chores. But the challenge is your timings won’t much with her, you will fear to trust her also you will have to bear an additional cost for this help.
  • Living in a flat accommodation will definitely make you independent and makes you be on your toes constantly. As each and everything happening inside is your responsibility. Right from your comfort, foods, hygiene, safety, security, everything is your call and lookout.

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Life In a Hostel

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In cities, there are two types of hostels available for student accommodation. In-campus hostels and off-campus hostels are two options for your choice. You can compare the perks of living in both the places and choose the one which serves you the best.

  • The best part of living in a hostel is that you can avoid guests, family, and friends coming over to stay with you. You won’t like anyone wanting to stay with you uninformed right. As we all love to enjoy the new freedom we are able to experience in the new city. 
  • Hostel food is really a mess! No student likes to eat the same monotonous food, considering these important concerns, hostels are providing cooking facilities for the students to feel at ease and cook whatever they like.
  • Hostels provide double safety for the students not always with restrictions but with a sense of support and company with constant domestic help for cleaning and hygiene as well.
  • Hostels solve the purpose of leaving home as it provides a space filled with a new culture, learning, fun, and people from varied backgrounds.
  • Most of the housing societies have various strict rules especially for the bachelors who have rented out a place so it’s better to find a hostel with multiple facilities focussing on hygiene, comfort, and well-being.

A majority of students travel to Pune to prepare for competitive exams, short courses, degree courses, internships, and various types of jobs. To cater to student’s needs and concerns Youthville brings you one of its kind serviced accommodations in Pune and Mumbai.

Youthville has been specially designed to satisfy the luxury and comfort needs of every student. This hostel accommodation has the best of services right from basic needs to safety and recreational facilities. Moreover, Youthville emphasizes on spacious and airy space with modern interiors to create a cheerful ambiance for the youth.

As a student, you must consider a few good checkpoints at any accommodation you are planning to opt for. Safety and hygiene, current market rates of hostels and rentals spaces, rules and safety concerns and last but not the least your comfort.

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