Why is Co-Living becoming the modern way of living?

Co-living housing offers affordability, sustainability, flexibility, cost savings, and on-demand accessibility in addition to being an emerging asset class. There is a revolution. Continue reading to learn more about PG in Pune and why co-Living is becoming the modern way of living.

Pune has recently grown to be a significant center for corporations, businesses, and information technology. Therefore, it makes sense that it has attracted and continues to draw a sizable portion of the young crowd. It has become essential for working professionals to have adequately managed lodgings with completely functional services at reasonable prices in this current approach to independent attitude and living. You will learn about PG in Pune and why co-living is becoming the modern way of living in this article.

What is PG?

Well, PG is when a person pays rent to remain in someone else’s home or property and receives amenities like power, water, housekeeping, and occasionally meals in addition to lodging. Because working professionals and students prefer to live closer to corporate hubs or educational institutions to cut down on commute time and expenses, the notion of PG is often well known in these places.

What is co-living?

Millennials are already renting shared flats as part of a new trend called coliving. Coliving in Pune is a great way to save money and live with like-minded people, whether you’re going there for a job or are just searching for a new flat. Coliving brings people from various backgrounds together and encourages interaction, teamwork, and the development of new friendships. Coliving is considerably more desirable than dorms because it is more affordable, all-inclusive, and lets you rent a furnished room under your lease.

Overview of the PG in Pune

The Eastern Oxford, Pune, India’s most livable city, is a haven of modern culture, history, and nightlife that will keep you young at heart. Both young and elderly come to Pune for its educational opportunities, entrepreneurial opportunities, and ideal ex-pat lifestyle, including its economical PG.

As the residential equivalent of PG spaces, co-living is quickly gaining popularity, especially among the younger population in the busy metropolis of Pune. The primary advantage of PG in Pune is that it emphasizes personal space above social contacts. To combat loneliness, it encourages people to leave their comfort zones, leave the haven of their rooms, and engage with their fellow flatmates. The numerous weekly and monthly events arranged for the residents at single occupancy PG in Pune help the inhabitants develop a feeling of community.

Why Co-Living is becoming the modern way of living? 

There is no one right answer to this, but before we get there, let’s define co-living. People commonly confuse Co-Living with PGs yet Co-Living is different. In addition to providing residents or tenants with the privacy and space they require, co-living spaces also foster a sense of community, collaboration, and networking. They are fully functional and technologically enabled homes. The demand for an affordable modern living has increased the number of co-living spaces in Pune and around India. Here are some of the explanations for why co-living is becoming a popular modern lifestyle choice.

A huge population of migrants:

In case you were unaware, Pune has recently had one of the greatest migrant inflows. thanks to its prestigious universities and businesses. Add to it the fact that approximately 30% of the city’s residents are renters, and there is a clear demand for adequate housing. How much, for example, can a city rely on the few odd rooms that house owners rent out? Therefore, co-living places offer a better living experience as well as a solution to larger issues.

Co-living is a practical and economical choice:

When compared to co-living places, renting or buying an apartment might be highly pricey. Co-living is the most cost-effective option for housing because the monthly rental of space includes access to all amenities, as well as maintenance and other costs. The majority of these homes are situated close to workplaces, educational institutions, or other handy locations for the tenants, which reduces their need to commute extensively. As a result of less travel and fuel use, a significant amount of carbon emissions are reduced.

Increasing the level of living:

The income increases with the quality of available employment opportunities. And as income increases, so does the quality of life. This is the reason why an increasing number of young people are choosing co-living arrangements. They simply have no patience for rancid hostel food, poorly kept facilities, and, most significantly, obnoxious landlords. And on that, we firmly agree with them.


People today are constantly moving. People aren’t afraid to switch to better employment. Many of them also don’t even work; instead, they freelance and move from place to city working on different projects. Therefore, no one wants to be shackled to a rental home with a long lease in this kind of setting. Co-living places provide a solution to this problem. With shorter leases and simple move-in and move-out procedures, they provide a more flexible choice.

Sense of community

The sense of community that comes with co-living is another factor in its rising popularity. thanks to the carefully selected activities offered by premier coliving spaces like Stanza Living. We have a lot of board games, gaming systems, and pool tables. In addition, we regularly host movie nights, karaoke nights, festival celebrations, and participatory activities like open mic nights and stand-up comedy performances.

PG in Pune etiquettes

When all is said and done, PG in Pune stands apart from the competition. But there are norms and etiquette that one should adhere to, just like in any other group. We don’t live with strangers regularly, thus we might not be familiar with a certain line that we might cross. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; listed below are a few suggestions you should take a look at before moving into your new PG.

  • The most crucial piece of advice is to push yourself outside your comfort zone because doing so might help you avoid several issues when studying in Pune. Make sure to modify your behaviour and adjust as necessary to your environment.
  • Stay organized: Yes! You got that right. Be orderly, aware of the line, and careful not to cross it.
  • Respect the House rules: If you live in a community, be sure you abide by the ground rules that apply to every inhabitant.
  • Recognize what is and is not shared: In addition to avoiding being messy, take care not to smear the communal space with your belongings and keep them to yourself.
  • Be a part of the community: Keep in mind that everyone comes from a different background and culture, make an effort to create a family, and get to know everyone in the house. Be considerate.
  • Last but not least, remember that you must enjoy yourself, establish friends, and create lasting memories during your stay.

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