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How exhilarating it is to travel solo and carefree! You get to explore traditions, people, places and culture across the globe without any disturbance from a companion. Its almost like you are flying by yourself and nothing can clip your wings! Would you trade that feeling to experience the world on your own terms, for anything? Telling everyone you meet on the way: Yes I am by myself and its no big deal!, & hoping that they’d understand. Lets see what information could go handy if you’re planning a trip sooner or later to Mumbai, its suburbs and other vital locales such as Pune.

First time Travellers

Dont let the newness of the experience come in between you and various beautiful destinations. Lifes not out to get you. Nor are the people involved in it. We sometimes make life more dangerous in our heads than it really is. In an interview with over 30 women, it was found that solo female travellers are more intuitively aware and thus feel safer as theres no one to disturb them. In fact only when they travelled alone they got to witness the overwhelming kindness from the locals, instead of receiving any harm from them. If you are a first time traveller and having contemplating thoughts, do not just take my word for it. Do your own research as it will boost your confidence and then plan accordingly. At the same time, leave enough flexibility in your plans for the adventure to find you!

Planning to go solo or with your girlfriends along?
Is your trip round the corner which you had planned and saved up for since couple months? Wondering if you could find comfort, luxury and convenience at one haven?
One of the chicest neighbourhoods to Mumbai lays @ Bavdhan, a lavish fully equipped female hostel Youthville. Its a home away from home, with a crowd of young prime locals of the city who not just follow their Ps and Qs religiously but can also be a fun company. Being chatty with a local can after all, always help you get a good idea on where to go, what to avoid & if they can show you around, thats even better :).
A first time traveller could never go wrong with their choice to destine their stay here. The inviting ambience of the rooms is alluring in itself, while the various activity rooms will draw you in within no time.
1. Their music room allows you to sing, dance and compose music of your own.
2. Do you love to stay in fit? Hit their impressive gymnasium. 
3. Maybe you are bored of eating restaurant meals, you can use up their kitchen to cook up your own meal. Otherwise, their plush cafeteria is ultimate hygienic place to serve you with appetizing meals.
4. If you are in the mood to recreate at the end of your journey, their gaming room is your place to go. 
5. If nothing interests you, and you are feeling nerdy you can always check out their resourceful collection of books in the reference centre. 

These are just few to mention areas of this retreat. The overall experience is worth self exploration, which at the end of your trip would definitely leave you feeling Dont cry because its over, smile because it happened Dr. Seuss. Happy travelling! 
Hostel exclusively for women Log on to https://youthvillehostel.com/

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