Heat Stress Prevention Program

What is heat stress prevention? Owing to the lack of perspiration in the air, there is a lot of dry heat which can seriously affect ones skin and health such exhaustion, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, muscle cramps and vomiting. These are the signs of heat stress, which can affect girls majorly compared to boys as they are more prone to beauty deficiency affecting their personality and self esteem.

Here are some handy tips for heat stress prevention this year:

1. Stay Hydrated:

That’s No.1! Nothing can help you better or without this one tip being followed regularly. Water not just helps you stay hydrated but has various other benefits which most of us must be well aware of such as regulation of digestion, absorption, circulation, creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, maintenance of body temperature and removal of body toxins.

2. Wear Sunscreen:

Girls, this is a second most important factor which is a must to follow, if you care for your skin! There are variants of sunscreens available in the market with different types and price. Find out your skin type and appropriate SPF required for it and chose a nice brand as per your pocket.

3. Cover Yourself:

If you regularly backpack and leave for short trips, or you have to go to work/college in the sun, ascending from covering your head and face, you should also try to cover your arms and the remaining body, depending upon how much tan you want for your body which is healthy.

4. Use Aloe Vera:

A cheap home remedy and a boon to humanity esp. girls is Aloe Vera. It’s not just a natural moisturizer but also can treat minor infections, burns and wounds etc. Further it reduces the appearance of fine lines and improves your skin’s elasticity. You can use it raw, as a gel or in the form of a juice, whichever you prefer!br>

5. Regulate your diet:

Summers are often synonymous with frozen desserts, chill choices of foods and foods which might ‘seem’ cooling in nature may have the opposite effect. Find out the correct ‘cooling foods’ as per your body type and health requirement which help in beating the heat. Avoiding fat-packed foods and excessively protein rich diet is always advisable.

6. Stay in well Air-Conditioned atmosphere:

This is to help get rid of tanning as well maintaining cool headedness and temperature of the body. Science has proven that when staying constantly in heated atmosphere, it can produce structural damage and long-term functional deficits. While mild cooling reduces many of these path physiological events, mild elevations in temperature aggravate some of these processes. For AC accommodations logon to www.youthvillehostel.com.BACK TO BLOGS

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