Is Skinny Shaming Ok, if Fat shaming is not?

Is Skinny Shaming Ok, if Fat shaming is not? 20 things you did not know are Skinny Shaming

Skinny Shaming is a thing which exists and is not taken (or given) as a compliment. A person could be skinny cause of their life style, genetics, medical reasons etc. or maybe because of altogether reasons. That does not mean that they should be made to feel as a veteran to peoples comments on their weight constantly. Sometimes we might just be putting people in an uncomfortable spot unknowingly, while assuming we are being funny. Well its never too late to learn something good.

Lets know few facts with some fun explanation on when are we actually involved in skinny shaming and should not be doing so

1. “You should eat more!”

This is a most mind boggling and silliest question or suggestion to make

2. “Only real women are curvy”

3. “Thoda Fat Humse lelo”

“Me: Aur aap Thoda dimag humse, deal?”

4. When you insist on measuring their wrist with your fingers to only tell them how ‘flimsy’ they are

5. When the mom’s of the skinny girls hear,

6. Lifting them up with or without their permission to show how light they’re in weight! “I could lift you up with one hand!”

Well thank you for the thought of your strength presentation. Do not, Please!

7. When you make someone feel abnormal for their thinness or say something like – “Be careful, you might break your bone.”

One time, I had someone comment on how my face didn’t match my body and that I was extremely underweight. Some people have gone out of their way to show me the BMI charts of what I’m actually ‘supposed’ to weigh.
Unless you’re my doctor, please save your opinion for someone else.

8. People constantly asking “Are you Ok” as they’re worried about your appearance.

9. How come you’re so Skinny?


10. “Are you a tomboy? You look almost like a boy.”

11. “Why are you going to the gym? You don’t need to work out.”

Well, because I’m not anorexic first thing. Also, I thought being skinny doesn’t mean being healthy or is it only round figured people are supposed to be exercising?! I was only trying to grab some health for my body, mind & soul & maybe Because I need the core strength to knock some sense into you.

12. “Your Legs & Arms are like twigs”

They have less sap and are also made of flesh, not wood.

13. “Oh Wait do you shop from kids section?”

Oh wait, No.

14. “Do you know that most boys don’t find skinny girls attractive?”

15. “You should just alternate between cheese burgers, fries and jalebis!”

STOP commenting on what I eat. Leave me alone! Will you?

16. “You’ve Got a beautiful face, but gain some weight, it’ll look good on you.. Just Saying!”

17. “You eat so much, where does all the food even go?

18. When you meet someone for the first time and they inevitably say:

19. “When it’s too windy, does the Wind Blow you away along with it?”; “Walk between the raindrops, you won’t get wet”

20. “It must be so easy to take you out on a date, you wouldn’t eat much.”

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