Here’s why coliving for couples is on the rise

India is steadily adapting to the new changes in culture. Coliving for couples in any part of the country is becoming accessible with every passing day. Be it coliving in Pune or Mumbai, here’s why couples should go for it!

The most challenging phase for any couple is to find a decent house to live together. Given the orthodox thinking, people are still not used to the ideas of a live-in couple in a housing society. Here’s where coliving for couples can prove beneficial. Have you ever imagined coming home to no cooking and no utensils? Now you can, with coliving in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and more.

How did the term coliving emerge?

This concept first came to light in Denmark in the 1970s under the term cohousing. For example, the Saettedammen initiative included 35 families living in private homes while sharing common areas for socializing and activities such as dining, housekeeping, collective gatherings, festive occasions, and other occasions.

How to select a coliving space for a couple?

Couples may be interested in moving into a coliving space for various reasons, including relocation to a new city, exploring a new neighborhood, traveling together, or working remotely.

Despite popular belief, being in a relationship does not eliminate feelings of loneliness. It is natural for a person to crave a nurturing social circle with their friends and the community they share as a partner.

Here’s what you should keep in mind while selecting a coliving space for couples

Choosing the correct room

Coliving spaces frequently provide two types of accommodation-

1. Shared rooms 

Shared rooms imply that you will be sleeping in a room with many other beds. They are an excellent catalyst for roommate bonding because it is often relatively easy to converse with people with whom you share a private space. While this is an excellent alternative for people, it may not give couples the privacy they desire.

2. Private rooms

Most couples choose the private room option because it provides them with an intimate space to call their own. This allows couples to socialize as much as they want with the community while having a place to relax and unwind when they need some alone time.


‘Birds of the same feather flock together,’ this phrase suggests that like-minded people somehow find a way to one another. If you are a couple with an IT background, you can look for coliving spaces in Pune or other cities with the same scenario. Most importantly, you need a community that supports you and your way of living, be it as an engineer, artist, or doctor. So find your tribe and settle with them.

Take that extra effort

You choose to join a social network when you opt to move into a coliving environment. This means you should consciously spend time with the other members when you first move in. So, make a point of attending several hosted events and, perhaps, going a step further and organizing an outing or two yourself. This will be engaging for the community, and you will have a great time too. So take that initiative to mingle with others.

Easy on the pocket

Coliving spaces for couples provide numerous facilities and services. Imagine returning to a house with ready food and no utensils to wash. You’ll have wifi, a gym, a common recreational area, a swimming pool, and access to special networking events. What more do you need? This is an exceptionally great deal.

Flexible commitment

Regarding flexibility and privilege for their residents, coliving spaces in Pune and other cities are unrivaled. Traditional leases are often one year long and challenging to break, but coliving spaces do not require you to commit to a duration of stay. You can come and go whenever you want.

This is fantastic for couples who aren’t ready to settle down. If you have faraway jobs, you can try different cities to see how they feel. You can stay as long as you want if you like the location. Alternatively, leave after a week or a month if you don’t feel comfortable.


The living space strikes an ideal balance between public and private areas. There are various events where you can connect with like-minded people or find private spaces to spend quality time alone. Community-driven events such as barbeque nights, zumba classes, dessert afternoons, and movie nights will be enjoyable for coliving couples.

Share your chores

Sharing tasks with a house full of people relieve your partner of the responsibility of assigning any cleaning tasks. Professional house cleaning services in communal areas are provided on varying schedules by coliving spaces. Living in a shared space where everyone contributes means that chores are generally completed faster, giving you more time to sit back and relax with your partner and roommates.

Furnished accommodation

Nothing compares to walking into a fully furnished apartment.

It is perfect for couples who aren’t ready to make significant purchases or who do not want to move with home furnishings and other belongings. Fully furnished accommodations will save you a lot of time shopping for household items and will lift a lot of weight off your shoulders, literally and metaphorically. You save on a lot of money which you can utilize somewhere else. 

So is coliving for couples a green signal?

Definitely yes! A study in India reveals that 81% of the country’s urban population under 27 are the primary drivers of the co-living sector. Around 36% of this population is between 18 and 22. If you need some private space for yourself without prying eyes, coliving for couples is the best option! 

You also have the perks of excellent utilities at your disposal. Everything is managed, and you just have to return to private time with your loved one instead of spending the night with utensils. You have a great community that will support you and keeps you in good spirits. The networking events will be like icing on the cake. You will be exposed to many opportunities. 

Anyone who visits your place will be pretty delighted to see beautiful furnishing. This way of coliving for couples is excellent in every way. Be it accommodation, food, utilities, or communal events.  

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