Serviced Hostel- A Trend Set for Todays Lifestyle

How about manifesting a lifestyle without a heavy investment and to be met with all your preferences at one place? Feels great right?

Everyone wishes for an elegant lifestyle! Don’t you?

Well these wishes can be granted in the form of Fully Serviced Hostels, which are setting a trend of living a lifestyle for the young generation in Metros all over India. Serviced Hostels are designed and planned in a manner, which caters the need of hotel like amenities for the Premium sector of the society comprising the students, travelers & working professionals. The stay here could be for long term or short term, while the bookings are done per bed (sometimes as per individual room).

The concept of Serviced Hostel is gaining fast popularity among individuals in Pune & is becoming a strong segment of city’s hospitality sector. The vast no. of colleges, IT companies and the various trekking spots have caused the city to be youth driven. About 62% of the city’s population is under 30 with a larger-than-average share of people under 25-34 age group. Today’s generation is not simply looking for an easy and comfortable living, but the place where they live has become a matter of their status quo. Also in order to meet with today’s rapid lifestyle and competitive environment, there has to one place to help meet them with all their needs. Therefore for Serviced Hostels, It is vital to rightly equip the efficiency, talent, passion and genius of today’s Young generation, in order to be in competition with other Serviced Hostels, which aim at providing a lifestyle for an ideal Youth for the nation, working on all spectrums relevant to a healthy individual.

In a survey we found out, about 25000+ students in Pune are from outside. While 10-15% of housing demands are fulfilled by the colleges, the remaining 85-90% still depends upon external sources to stay. Also in the professional sector, due to the establishment of new companies, the demand for Serviced Hostels is on full swing.

As a self established Hostel, getting positive reviews from the residents is the hardest part. Recently in a review with the female residents of Youthville Hostel, Bavdhan Pune, a true story is brought to our notion, about this emerging Hostel. Let’s see what the residents have to say about their stay there.

In order to cater to the growing needs and demands of the new generation of our society, Youthville Serviced Hostel, has been exclusively designed as per International benchmarks for students, travelers and working professionals. Youthville is a modern ground-breaking concept experienced never before in India, which is strategically planned to make living excitingly social, vibrant and enjoyable. The architecture is modern, youthful and aesthetically designed. The interiors are bright, colorful, spacious and airy, emphasizing the cheerful ambience of Youthville.

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