What Are The Pros And Cons Of Living In College Hostel?

Moving to new cities for educational and career purposes has brought in a new challenge of finding comfortable hostel accommodations and facilities. Most of the students are left confused while deciding on choosing the right option. Here is the exact comparison of advantages & disadvantages of college hostels:



Convenience –

The best part is, you don’t have to plan your travel and go through crazy traffic each day. You can just walk to your classroom and attend your lectures hassle-free.

Buying a vehicle is not even required (which means savings on fuel and overhead charges).

Bond with batchmates –

Most of the batchmates, seniors prefer staying in college hostels. So here students have the best chance to interact with them for not only studies but other activities as well.

Students tend to gel up well and bring out the best of themselves leveraging this opportunity and become best friends for life.

Simple and Budget life –

There does not occur much expense as most of the time is spent on living on the campus. Students learn to save money and survive on whatever is provided to them.

Competitive Environment –

Hostel life tends to develop healthy competition and mutual cooperation among hostellers. All the announcements and extracurricular activities are discussed immediately among the students.

You become competitive in all aspects like sports, cultural activities, college fests, etc.


Cluttered space and less privacy – 

Living conditions are far less comfortable than those at home. Most colleges prefer having three seaters or sharing rooms for students by providing single beds and a small wardrobe. There is hardly any space left to move around in the rooms. There is no way that you can keep to yourself as you are constantly surrounded by your roomies.

Limited amenities –

Campus dorms usually do not provide much of facilities for students. Usually, their focus is on accommodating maximum students in the hostel living space. Apart from the basic living, nothing usual would amuse your interest.

The cost of living in the campus hostel is quite expensive than living in private accommodation. 

Seniors ragging and mental disturbance –

As room sharing are just in campus hostels; mostly, you are not left with any choices of deciding your own roomies. Adjusting with the allotted roomies becomes a compulsion, some seniors love to leverage the opportunity of ragging their juniors and don’t miss a single chance of losing these bossing opportunities. Students tend to suffer from too much mental harassment and pressure. 


Comfort Living- 

You have the entire living space without any restrictions or rules. You can follow your own routine as per your convenience and comfort.

Hygienic living with hygienic food is assured at its best, creating a healthy living space for your comfort. 

Spacious rooms with students from varied backgrounds-

Best in class well-furnished rooms with cosy linen and youthful interior are loved by all hostilities. You also get a chance to live with students from various educational backgrounds.

Luxury Amenities –

Youthville focuses on providing all the necessities and amenities under one roof. Be it a gym, library, private kitchens, entertainment rooms.

All the recreational facilities are curated to bring you that luxury experience.

Homely vibe –

Independent hostels have modern architecture and spacious interiors. Staying here makes you feel like home with vibrant, warm and cheerful ambience.

You are pampered with every inch of comfort, adding that homey vibe just like your homes in this type of accommodation.

Fewer restrictions –

Students do not like constant nagging or interference in their personal space and lifestyle. Most of them like to be less questioned, to curb this situation, Youthville hostels have come up with unique security concepts for student safety. Card access and Biometrics allow students to feel secured.

Isn’t your decision making simpler now? What have you decided? Are you willing to stay on-campus or wish to move out of the campus to enjoy your freedom of living?

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